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Experience the Virtual World with OpenVZ

OpenVZ is container based, open source, virtualisation technology for Linux. It can be used to install multiple, fully isolated Linux containers easily on a single host machine. Apart from its low overhead, OpenVZ…


OpenShift: A Multiple Award-winning PaaS Tool

Platform as a Service (PaaS) has come to stay as a developer tool, as it allows users to concentrate on the app rather than be involved with the platform. OpenShift, developed by Red…

Backup Data Storage

Picking the Perfect Backup Solution

Is proprietary software the only answer to a perfect backup solution? Here is a case for using open source backup solutions not just for personal use, but even in an industry in which…

Data Security

Remote Logging using Rsyslog and MySQL

Variously described by its creators as the Swiss army knife of logging or the rocket-fast system for processing logs, Rsyslog offers great security features, high performance and a modular design. It can receive…

Backup Server

Fwbackups – Back up Files with Ease

Here’s a free-to-download, free-to-use, feature-rich user backup program that allows you to back up your documents any time and anywhere. It is also cross platform. It has a powerful yet easy-to-use UI. In…

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Malware Analysis Using REMnux

This article explores malware analysis using the open source tool REMnux. It begins with the basics of malware, how it functions, the steps to building a malware analysis kit and then moves on…

Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) Final Beta Released!

The latest version of Ubuntu is powered by Linux kernel 4.2.1 and systemd 225 Canonical has announced the release of final beta of upcoming version of Ubuntu, the Ubuntu 15.10 aka Wily Werewolf….

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How the Life Sciences are Benefiting from Open Source Software

This article gives an overview of the role of open source software and computer technology in the field of life sciences, and how research and discovery in the fields of medicine, biology, etc,…

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MoSync: App Development Made Easier

MoSync is an open source SDK, which is a rich cross-platform mobile application development environment that makes it easy to develop apps for all major mobile platforms from a single code base. One…

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Codename One: A Cross-Device Platform for Mobile App Development

The proud boast of Codename One developers is, “Write once, run anywhere native mobile apps.” And it works exactly that way. You can use your existing Java skills to target iOS, Android and…

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