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Experience the Virtual World with OpenVZ

OpenVZ is container based, open source, virtualisation technology for Linux. It can be used to install multiple, fully isolated Linux containers easily on a single host machine. Apart from its low overhead, OpenVZ…

Linux Kernel 4.3.1 Released! Brings Several ARM, x86 Improvements

Linux 4.3 kernel users must update to this newer version. Linux kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman announced the first maintenance release of Linux Kernel version 4.3. The release comes after about a month of…


A Simple Screen Recorder for Linux

Making screen recordings has never been so easy. The complications of screen recording in Linux have been banished by the Simple Screen Recorder. This versatile tool enables full screen recording or recording a…

Peguin with Desktop

Htop: System Monitoring for Linux

Htop is an interactive process viewer and a text mode application, which can do system monitoring efficiently in real-time. It shows a complete list of the processes that are running and is easy…

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Protect Your Eyes with Redshift

Redshift will help you to reduce the strain on your eyes when working with computers and laptops, particularly in the dark or in low-light conditions. This amazing tool makes working with computers less…

Relay Mails Using Gmail on RHEL6.1

This article explains the use of Postfix as a mail transfer agent to relay mails using Gmail. In this article, lets explore how to configure RHEL 6.1 [x86] to relay emails using Gmail….

Linux Shell Scripts

Shell Scripts you will love to use

In this article, I will share a few of my shell scripts which will be helpful in automating repetitive infrastructure task. All Scripts are written and tested on RHEL 6.1 x86. What the…


Web Programming in Haskell

In this final article in the series on Haskell, the author explores how to use it for Web programming. Scotty is a Web framework written in Haskell, which is similar to Ruby’s Sinatra….

couch python

Interfacing CouchDB with Python

Apache CouchDB is a database that is focused on ease of use. It can be interfaced with the versatile Python programming language, as shown in this tutorial. Apache CouchDB is a popular open…

internet infrastructure

The Most Popular Security Assessment and Server Hardening Tools

Enterprises require high levels of security for their computer systems. A server attack or a malware intrusion can cause incalculable damage. Prudence, therefore, is the keyword here. This article describes the most popular…

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