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OSI 2011 Speakers Speak

Open Source India: A Celebration of True Sprit of Open Source

There is no denying the fact that knowledge sharing is the true essence of the open source movement. However, knowledge seekers in this domain certainly need a platform to connect with the gurus….

SubConf 2009 – A Report (Day 3)

The talks in day-3’s agenda was mostly concerned on Software Configuration Management and general concepts.

SubConf 2009 — A Report (Day 2)

Oct 29, ’09, marked the Day 2 of SubConf 2009 in which there were plans for many talks by prominent subversion developers and others.

SubConf 2009 — A Report (Day 1)

1st day of the Subversion conference, 2009 — 2 events planned were the “Subversion Hackathon” and “Subversion Developers RoundTable”.

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