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“Mozilla measures success by how much we are doing to improve the overall health of the open Web”

Mozilla’s rapid release cycle for the Firefox browser has had corporations a bit worried for a long time. Many feel that the Mozilla Foundation should slow down a bit for users to get…

For Shaadi.com, Ubuntu Scores Over Windows

For all CTOs and IT managers, bringing costs down and deploying easy-to-use technology is the biggest challenge. Shaadi.com has addressed this issue by relying on the open source model. Over a year, more…

“Intel involves a majority of developers with its initiatives”

Intel is one the biggest contributors to open source technology. It is an important member of The Linux Foundation, and is one of the most significant contributors to the Linux kernel as well….

‘Linux was chosen for Raspberry Pi with a purpose’

A credit-card sized computer with good capabilities at $25 is definitely amazing. Raspberry Pi is a trend-setting device. You may or may not like it, but you certainly cannot ignore it. Many small-sized…

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