Linux Shell Scripts

Shell Scripts you will love to use

In this article, I will share a few of my shell scripts which will be helpful in automating repetitive infrastructure task. All Scripts are written and tested on RHEL 6.1 x86. What the…

Salt stack visual

SaltStack: Grains, Pillars, Targeting and Render Systems

In this third and concluding article in the series on SaltStack, which makes software for configuration management, infrastructure automation and cloud orchestration, we look at the various components of SaltStack. (Read Part 1…

configure tools

Use Salt for Basic Configuration Management

Salt, the Python-based open source configuration management and remote execution application, can be used to actually do basic configuration management. Let’s find out how This article assumes that you are familiar with what…

showing presentation in salt programming

Automate Repetitive Tasks with SaltStack

SaltStack is an open source, scalable, flexible systems management software that can be used for data centre automation, cloud orchestration, server provisioning and configuration management. CM or configuration management is common terminology in…

Network security with network cable

iptables: The Default Linux Firewall

This article deals with iptables, which is a built-in firewall in Linux. The authors explain the commands to configure iptables for various situations, thus making this a must-read for newbies. The term ‘firewall’…

Run a WordPress-based Site on a Windows Server

Run a WordPress-based Site on a Windows Server

Let’s go through the process of installing and running a WordPress-based site on a Windows server. WordPress is open source content management software that is very widely used across the world to create…


Manage Your IT Infrastructure Effectively with Zentyal

Read about how Inmantec Institutions switched to Zentyal (formerly e-box Platform), which is a program for a Linux server and is meant for SMBs. Zentyal has a multi-faceted platform, as we will discover…

Simplify Life with VirtualBox

Simplify Life with VirtualBox

VirtualBox allows you to run a number of instances of operating systems on a single machine and seamlessly switch from one OS to another. This article covers how a VirtualBox may be set…

Run Linux on Windows

Run Linux on Windows

One of the many reasons to run Linux on Windows would be to get the best of both worlds. There are several methods for running Linux on Windows. The authors recommend Linux Integration…

Accessing Linux Data Partitions from Windows

Accessing Linux Data Partitions from Windows

In a dual boot Windows-Linux computer, it is comparatively easier to view the Windows partitions from Linux, than the other way round, i.e., viewing Linux partitions from Windows. In this article, the author…

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