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Speech Signal Analysis Using Praat

The word ‘praat’ means ‘talk’ or ‘speak’ in Dutch. This article introduces the reader to Praat, a rich, feature-laden piece of software that helps to analyse speech signals. It covers phonetics and various…

GNU Emacs

A Brief on Search, Frames and Windows in GNU Emacs

We have been carrying articles on GNU Emacs for quite some time now. This is one more article in the series. In this next article in the GNU Emacs series, we shall learn…

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OpenModelica: A Powerful Engineering Modelling and Simulation Tool

The use of modelling and simulation in engineering has long been an accepted practice. Models represent the real systems either as physical reproductions in a smaller scale, or as mathematical and computer models…


Using GNU Emacs as an Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) provides instant communication over the Web. It is generally used for one-to-one communication or group discussion forums, also known as channels. In this article in the GNU Emacs series,…

Pcap and python in NS3

Python and Pcap in NS-3

Having explored ns-3 for the past five months in OSFY, we now have come to the concluding article in the series. Through the series, awareness of ns-3, installation, its various tools and, finally,…

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Get Analytical with R

R is a programming language and software environment for statistical computation and analysis. The author presents a way of doing statistical calculations using R in the field of analytical chemistry, particularly in titrations…


The Internet of things (IoT)

The IoT is a technology in the making and we can experience it in small ways, even now. The author presents an ‘appetite whetting’ article on it, highlighting its vast potential while also…

Buffer Navigation

Buffer Navigation and help

Continuing with our series on Emacs, in this article, let’s explore basic buffer navigation, formatting, and help commands. GNU Emacs is the most widely used variant of a family of text editors that…


Simulating Wireless Networks in ns-3

ns-3 is a discrete event network simulator that is primarily used in teaching and research. Over the past few issues of OSFY, we have discussed various aspects of ns-3. In this article, we…

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The Basics of Dired Mode in Emacs

Dired is a directory editor in GNU Emacs. It opens a buffer containing a list of directories and files to operate on. It is a ‘read-only’ mode and hence you cannot input any…

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