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Scilab visual

Using Scilab with the McCabe-Thiele Method

Cross-platform, open source numerical computational package, Scilab, can be used for image enhancement, fluid dynamics simulations and numerical optimisation, among other things. When used with the McCabe-Thiele method, which is said to be…


Assigning Map Projections in QGIS

QGIS is free and open source software for creating, editing, visualising, analysing and publishing geospatial information. It is OS-independent and works on Linux, Windows, Mac and BSD. An Android version is expected shortly….

Automation technology

Automating Browsers with Ruby and Watir-webdriver

Lightweight and simple to use, Watir is a browser driver that is great for automating modern browsers. It is built on Ruby but it also works well with other testing frameworks supported by…

Innovation technology

Use Ubuntu to Customise Your Linux Distribution

This article guides readers on customising a Linux distribution using the Ubuntu Customization Kit. Readers who like getting their hands dirty playing around with software will enjoy it. I have installed Linux Mint…

Understanding SDT Markers and Debugging with Subtlety

Understanding SDT Markers and Debugging with Subtlety

R Data Analytics

Unlock the Potential of R for Data Analytics

Since the last decade, the R programming language has assumed importance as the most important tool for computational statistics, visualisation and data science. R is being used more and more to solve the…


A Peek Into Open Source Verilog Simulator

Verilog, a hardware description language, is used to model electronic systems, and to design and verify digital circuitry at the register-transfer level of abstraction. It can also be used to verify analogue circuits…


Analyse Your Data with Pandas

Here’s an introduction to Pandas, an open source software library that’s written in Python for data manipulation and analysis. Pandas facilitates the manipulation of numerical tables and the time series. In recent times,…

Getting Started with the MinnowBoard

With the embedded market being flooded with open source hardware boards, it’s tough finding one that not only suits your budget, computing power needs, etc, but is also backed by a strong community,…

Utilising User Roles For Flawless Custom WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Web/Plugin Development turns up impressively when implemented as a team. With a group of proficient WordPress coders working towards creating a website/plugin, the chances for getting a flawless final product increase. Roles…

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