internet infrastructure

The Most Popular Security Assessment and Server Hardening Tools

Enterprises require high levels of security for their computer systems. A server attack or a malware intrusion can cause incalculable damage. Prudence, therefore, is the keyword here. This article describes the most popular…


An Introduction to Docker

Learn about Docker, which is an open source project that can automate the deployment of software applications inside software containers. Docker can be provisioned on any infrastructure, be it laptops or the public cloud….

Social Marketoing

Manage Your Marketing Activities with CampaignChain

Open source has extended its reach to all spheres of human endeavour, and business is no exception. CampaignChain is a very handy tool for organising online marketing activities. With a little bit of…

IDE for web designer and developer

Popular Open Source IDEs for Web Development

Let us explore popular open source IDEs for Web development. The IDEs mentioned here are just to whet the appetite of readers so that they may delve deeper into the subject. The article…

The Best Open Source Storage Solutions: An Overview

The Best Open Source Storage Solutions: An Overview

Millions of bytes of data are being generated every moment, every day, around the world, and this volume will only increase in the future. The storage of all these bytes has become a…


Enterprise Mobility Management: A Bird’s Eye View

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is an emerging paradigm, and enterprises are rapidly jumping on to this bandwagon. The use of mobile devices is becoming increasingly popular as a work tool, bringing in its…

smartphone visual

Ten Android Apps for Everyday Use On Your Smartphone

An Android phone can be greatly enhanced by installing some good apps. For a newbie, the selection of apps becomes a herculean task as the choice is so vast. This article offers some…

zuzu with laptop

A Few Things You Must Know About Free and Open Source Licences

This informative article covers the scope of various free and open source licences along with the subtle differences between them. It concludes with a few guidelines on choosing a software licence, and a…

Virtual tuching

Ten Open Source Security Tools

With security breaches occurring as often as they do on the Internet, it pays to take precautions against identity theft, denial of service attacks, DNS poisoning, etc. This article takes the reader through…

Network cable with router

Computing Made Easy with LAN Tools

It is the utilities that make computing easy and comfortable. This article on LAN tools describes a few useful and practical utilities Various open source utilities are available to make the day-to-day tasks…

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