Dr Manas Fuloria, co-founder and executive VP, Nagarro Software

Open Source Jobs, Open to Freshers at Nagarro

Nagarro is an outsourcing company that specialises in high-quality business-critical software, and is known for its extensive use of open source solutions. Nagarro is planning to add to its FOSS team, and it…

Hari Vasudev

‘Hundreds Working on Open Source Projects at Yahoo!, and We’ll Continue to Hire’

Yahoo! is a brand associated with open source, particularly for its contributions to the open source community. LINUX For You caught up with Hari Vasudev, VP, Cloud Platform Group, Yahoo! India R&D, to…


‘Microsoft’s Working Towards Establishing a Long-term Community Connection’

“Microsoft is open to openness,” says Vijay Rajagopalan, principal architect in Microsoft’s interoperability team. The LINUX For You team caught up with him to find out the truth behind this assertion, and to…

Steve Shine, EVP, worldwide operations, Ingres Corporation

Ingres’ Steve Shine on the Database Company’s Business Model and Plans

Steve Shine, EVP, worldwide operations, Ingres Corporation, was in Delhi as part of his three-city tour of India. When we met with him, he was not only gung-ho about the prospects of open…

AMI bets on open source for the embedded space

Sridharan Mani, director and CEO, American Megatrends India, speaks about the intense relationship developing between open source and embedded systems, and the vast opportunities it holds for the developer community.

We plan to double the number of FOSS experts by next year: TechGaruda

Chennai-based TechGaruda Systems is a software solutions provider that aims to dispel the presumption of open source being low-quality and sub-par to proprietary software. An open source professional himself, Vikram Vijayaraghavan, director, TechGaruda Systems talks to Pallavi Arun Verma of LFY about the business and technology myths and opportunities around FOSS.

“We have close to 200 openings for FOSS/Linux professionals in India alone”

Deepak Gupta, associate vice president, technology, GlobalLogic, talks about the opportunities for FOSS and Linux experts in R&D services hubs like theirs.

“We wish to hire 75 FOSS/Linux professionals this year”

Aravind Kumar, chief technology officer, Agriya Infoway, talks about the opportunities FOSS holds for IT companies and professionals.

“We plan to expand open source team by more than 50%; also open to freshers”

Gokul Muralidharan, open source specialist, Aspire Systems talks about the company’s journey on the open source road and the promise this speed lane holds for FOSS/Linux experts

Now, A Netbook For Rs 7,999, With Free Mobile Internet!

Suneet S Tuli, CEO, Datawind, elaborates on his strategy to win the hearts of the Indian netbook consumers with the Linux version of UbiSurfer.

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