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ERP Next Visual

ERPNext: An Open Source ERP for Entrepreneurs

Enterprises never had it better! ERPNext is a system of integrated applications that can manage the entire business and automate back-end office functions. This free and open source platform offers everything from product…


BigBlueButton: The Handy Web Conferencing Software

BigBlueButton is open source VoIP conferencing software that enhances regular as well as distance learning. It can also be used to extend the effectiveness of Moodle. BigBlueButton is Voice over IP (VoIP) based…

98-100_Linux Perspective June 2015

A Beginner’s Guide to the Linux File System

This is an article targeted at Linux beginners. It helps readers get an understanding of the Linux file system through a few experiments that they, too, could try out. In Linux, everything is…


Sugar A Platform on which Kids Enjoy Learning

Sugar is an award winning learning platform for children, which promotes collaborative learning through activities that are conducive to fostering critical thinking. A consequence of the OLPC project, Sugar has been built from…

Quantum Cryptography: Enabling Secure Data Transmission

Quantum Cryptography: Enabling Secure Data Transmission

Welcome to the world of spies and secret messages. This article focuses on the application of quantum mechanics to transmit secret messages. Wannabe cryptographers will find it an interesting read. Traditional cryptographic methodologies…


A Brief Note on the Next Generation of Mobile Apps

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous. In many cases, mobiles perform the work expected of a PC. Hence, there is a need for us to take a long, hard look at the next generation…

Social Marketoing

Manage Your Marketing Activities with CampaignChain

Open source has extended its reach to all spheres of human endeavour, and business is no exception. CampaignChain is a very handy tool for organising online marketing activities. With a little bit of…

The Best Open Source Storage Solutions: An Overview

The Best Open Source Storage Solutions: An Overview

Millions of bytes of data are being generated every moment, every day, around the world, and this volume will only increase in the future. The storage of all these bytes has become a…

Explore Advanced Set Theory Concepts through Maxima

Explore Advanced Set Theory Concepts through Maxima

Maxima is a powerful free and open source Computer Algebraic System (CAS) that is capable of combining symbolic, numerical and graphical entities. This is the 19th article in our mathematical journey through open…

Embed Your PC on a USB

Embed Your PC on a USB and Plug it into Any System!

If you wish to enjoy the convenience of your own desktop even while on the move, this is just the article for you. Learn how to embed your PC on a USB stick,…

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