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Research in Cloud Computing

Research Areas and Simulation in Cloud Computing

This article looks at the backbone technologies in cloud computing, and suggests some areas of research in this field as well as a few resources Cloud computing is one of the emergent domains…


Ten Apps for Rooted Android

Here’s a guide to the ten best apps for rooted Android, as viewed by the author. 1. SuperSU Rooting your Android is basically about giving super user access to your phone. What if…

Alok Mehrotra,country-manager(India),Wind-River

The IoT is great, but comes with security challenges for developers”

The time has come for embedded Linux to rule. From consumer electronics (like set-top boxes and smart TVs), in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), networking equipment (wireless routers) and industrial automation, to spacecraft flight software and…

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Taiga: The Trouble-free Way to Manage Your Project

Taiga is a powerful open source project management platform, which is simple, lean and beautiful. It makes work truly enjoyable Have you ever faced a time crunch when trying to finish tasks ahead…

Learn the Concept of Set Theory with Maxima

Learn the Concept of Set Theory with Maxima

We have been experimenting with Maxima, a powerful Computer Algebraic System (CAS) for quite a while now in this series of articles. Maxima is a free and open source project that is continually…

10 Open Source Apps That Run On Windows

10 Open Source Apps That Run On Windows

There are a number of applications in the open source world that are free to use. Many of them perform better than their proprietary counterparts. In this article, the author gives a list…

94_Password Manager

A Peek into the Top Password Managers

We use passwords to ensure security and the confidentiality of our data. One of the biggest modern day crimes is identity theft, which is easily accomplished when passwords are compromised. The need of…


You Can Master Trigonometry with Maxima!

Maxima is a descendant of Macsyma, a breed of computer algebra systems, which was developed at MIT in the late 1960s. Owing to its open source nature, it has an active user community….


FOSS Skills that will Get You Hired This Year

The FOSS appeal seems to be growing. Industry pundits reveal that open source skills can be a great differentiator for aspiring tech candidates in 2014. The sluggish economy and the high number of…

Poll Results: Common Myths about Software Developers

Welcome back to the poll results where we let our readers know which way the votes went, on the hottest topics in the open source domain. Few days back, we asked our readers,…

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