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Programmer using Open-Source

An Introduction to Open Source Programming Languages

Programming is a matter of instructing a computer to perform certain tasks. Code, which is a language that the computer understands, comes in many flavours. The wide choice of coding languages can be…

BI Visual

Are Business Intelligence Tools Really Intelligent?

Users of Business Intelligence (BI) tools have several issues to contend with. The primary concern relates to whether these tools are really intelligent and future ready. This article highlights some issues and presents…


Open Source Technology: First Love of the Leaders at!

For some, open source technology is a passion; for some, it is a mission and for start-ups, it is a necessity. Ekta Mittal, head, product and technology,, vouches for the fact that…

Internet  business communication

WEB Usability and Accessibility– It’s Time to Act Fast

In an imperfect world that includes a significant number of variously challenged people, standards of usability and accessibility are required so that those with different abilities have full access to the World Wide…

Hdd Backup

Ten Must-Have Open Source Tools for Backup and Recovery

This is a list of 10 open source backup and recovery tools that the author believes are the most useful. We suggest that the reader tries out a few of them. Backup and…


Why Students Should Get Involved in FOSS Development

Developers of proprietary software spend billions on development, yet FOSS is the choice of many of the biggest and best corporate entities. FOSS works on one of the greatest human principles – contribution…

ESDS OpenSource visual

The Benefits of Open Source Products

According to, “Open source software is software that can be freely used, changed and shared (in modified or unmodified form) by anyone. Open source software is made by many people, and distributed…

Health care life science

How the Life Sciences are Benefiting from Open Source Software

This article gives an overview of the role of open source software and computer technology in the field of life sciences, and how research and discovery in the fields of medicine, biology, etc,…


A Simple Screen Recorder for Linux

Making screen recordings has never been so easy. The complications of screen recording in Linux have been banished by the Simple Screen Recorder. This versatile tool enables full screen recording or recording a…

Fedora 22

Things to do After Installing Fedora 22

Having installed Fedora 22, a newbie is often at a loss for what to do next. This article guides the reader through the process of installing Fedora 22, explains the use of the…

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