Dangling Pointers Avoid them Strictly!

This article takes off from an earlier one on constant pointers. Here, the focus is on dangling pointers—how they occur and how to prevent them. The article is a great guide for C…

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Qt5: GUIs with QtQuick and QML

In the previous article on Qt5 (Part 2), we built a small server program that served a random fortune cookie to anyone who connected to it using TCP, and we tested it out…

php framework

Ten PHP Frameworks Web Development Made Easy

PHP is open source software that is easy to learn and use, while being free. Its primary purpose is to generate HTML content. PHP is extensively used in Web applications today. In this article,…


It’s Easy to Scale Out a MongoDB Deployment

MongoDB is a unique NoSQL open source database, which is scalable and adaptable. It is an application of choice for many Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike. In this, our second article in…


Customising OpenSSL for the Real World

The OpenSSL project is a robust collective effort that seeks to develop a commercial grade, fullfeatured toolkit implementation of SSL and TSL. This article is a detailed introduction to OpenSSL. Apart from introducing…


Haskell: The Purely Functional Programming Language

Haskell, an open source programming language, is the outcome of 20 years of research. It has all the advantages of functional programming and an intuitive syntax based on mathematical notation. This article flags…


Be Cautious while using Bit Fields for Programming

In this article, the author tells embedded C programmers why writing code involving bit fields needs to be done carefully, failing which the results may not be as expected. However, bit fields are…


Qt5: Let’s Learn Some Theory

This article marks the beginning of a new column on Qt5 programming, which is a platform-independent application framework. It is widely used for developing application software that can be run on diverse hardware…

Config files checker visual

Practical Python Programming Writing a Config File Checker

This is the first part of a new column on practical Python programming. In this article, the author explains how the config file of any product can be validated by using a config…

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Property-based Testing in Haskell and How to Install Cabal

Haskell, named after logician Haskell Curry, is a standardised, general-purpose, purely functional programming language, with non-strict semantics and strong static typing. Let’s take a look at the property-based testing of Haskell programs and…

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