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Writing a Basic Framebuffer Driver

This article deals with the basic structure of a framebuffer and will interest those who know how to write a character device driver. The author has tried to simplify the topic as much…

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Access Redis and PostgreSQL Databases with Haskell

Named after logician Haskell Curry, Haskell is a standardised,general-purpose, purely functional programming language, with non-strict semantics and strong static typing. This tenth article on Haskell explores access to Redis and PostgreSQL databases using…


How to Install Moodle on a LAMP Server

Moodle, the free and open source learning platform, can be used to create private websites for dynamic online courses. Moodle can be used in the academic as well as corporate world for e-learning…


Talking to the Kernel through Sysfs

The Linux kernel provides a virtual file system called sysfs. By providing virtual files, sysfs is able to export information about various kernel sub-systems, hardware devices and associated device drivers from the kernel’s…

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Selenium: A Popular Software Testing Tool You Can Rely On

For the software enthusiast, this article begins with an overview on software testing. The various types of testing and the many software testing tools are enumerated, and then the author goes into detailed…

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The Link+ Project for Linux Kernel Developers

Kernel developers will be interested to learn how to use the LinK+ IDE, which has been developed by a team from C-DAC. The article is detailed and comprehensive. In this article, discover how…

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Face-off with Sizeof()

In C programming, the unary operator sizeof() returns the size of its operand in bytes. The sizeof() operator is discussed in detail in this article, along with illustrative examples of code. Sizeof() is…

Eclipse Editor

Developing a Web-app Using the Eclipse Editor

This article is the first in a series on developing a Web application called ‘Online Banking’ using the Eclipse Editor. The application will perform all the normal functions of offline banking. This task…


Going Mobile-Friendly: How Responsive Web Design And HTML5 Are Related

You probably have heard, Google has announced that the rankings in mobile search results will change from April 21st 2015. It is believed that when search via mobile devices are considered, it must…


Deploying Infrastructure-as-a-Service Using OpenStack

Cloud computing is the buzzword today. It has many different models, one of which is IaaS. In this article, the authors describes the delivery of IaaS using open source software OpenStack. Nowadays, cloud…

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