Python visual

Create an Exe File for your Python Application in Windows

You can build your own search tool for Windows, using Python and allied technologies, by going through this tutorial. This tool will search for files which are located on a pen drive too….

NodeJS Introduction

An Introduction to Node.js, the Server Side JavaScript

Node.js, often referred to as just Node, is a powerful tool that can run JavaScript applications on both the server side as well as the client side. Node.js can be used to write…

Dot visual

DOT: A Language that Helps You to Draw Graphs

DOT is a simple, plain text language that can describe graphs which both humans and computers can use. It can be used to generate graphs in different formats such as .ps and .pdf….


JavaScript: The New Parts

This article is the fourth part in this series. The author discusses the for…of iterator, collections and arrow functions. The JavaScript language is evolving to enable the development of complex and large applications….


OpenShift: A Multiple Award-winning PaaS Tool

Platform as a Service (PaaS) has come to stay as a developer tool, as it allows users to concentrate on the app rather than be involved with the platform. OpenShift, developed by Red…


An App to Create Question Sets with Voice Input Answers

App Inventor empowers even newbies to create software applications for Android. Our regular readers have become quite familiar with App Inventor over the past few issues of OSFY. Noobs are advised to go…

PHP 7 Visual

A Sneak Peek into PHP 7

PHP 7 is a new major version release, arriving 11 years after PHP 5. The scheduled release is before the end of the year. What will this new version have in its repertoire?…

PHP on the sea

The Basics of MVC Architecture in PHP

MVC, which stands for Model-View-Controller, is a really good way to develop clean, scalable, powerful and fast applications in the least amount of time and with the least effort. Before exploring MVC, this…

Hax visual

Haxe: Write Once, Convert to Many Languages

The proliferation of a wide variety of platforms has become a major challenge for developers when it comes to porting their application to different environments. Haxe assists developers to face this challenge. This…

Cloud computing cloud stoarge data visual

Creating Apps on Live Cloud Platforms: IBM Bluemix and Red Hat OpenShift

Cloud platforms are becoming rather popular with developers for various well known reasons. Through the use of virtual machines, developers can avail of the various cloud services providers offer. This article serves as…

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