Vanisha Joseph
The OlivePad

OlivePad: India’s First Android 3.5G Tablet

Olive Telecom has beaten Apple on one count. It has launched its touchscreen tablet, the OlivePad, in India, months before the iconic iPad. Now, it remains to be seen whether Olive’s first-mover advantage,…

Team Infoaxon

‘Platforming': A Unique Formula for Lasting Business Partnerships

Noida headquartered InfoAxon Technologies erases all doubts around the profitability of an open source business. It uses the “platforming” approach to cement long lasting relationships with its customers. InfoAxon Technologies began business focusing…

Can India Ever Become A Global FOSS Hub?

Can India Ever Become A Global FOSS Hub?

The open source trend is catching on in the IT and electronics space in India, with enterprises and SMEs taking the plunge. So, will India be the next FOSS hub? Or will the…

A section of the Just Dial office at Chennai

Leading Local Search Engine (Just) Dials Open Source for a Growth Call!

Open source technology enabled Just Dial, India’s leading local search engine, to grow at a much faster rate and achieve a lot more than it planned for. Every business that signs on to…

AMI bets on open source for the embedded space

Sridharan Mani, director and CEO, American Megatrends India, speaks about the intense relationship developing between open source and embedded systems, and the vast opportunities it holds for the developer community.

“We have close to 200 openings for FOSS/Linux professionals in India alone”

Deepak Gupta, associate vice president, technology, GlobalLogic, talks about the opportunities for FOSS and Linux experts in R&D services hubs like theirs.

“We wish to hire 75 FOSS/Linux professionals this year”

Aravind Kumar, chief technology officer, Agriya Infoway, talks about the opportunities FOSS holds for IT companies and professionals.

“We plan to expand open source team by more than 50%; also open to freshers”

Gokul Muralidharan, open source specialist, Aspire Systems talks about the company’s journey on the open source road and the promise this speed lane holds for FOSS/Linux experts

Now, A Netbook For Rs 7,999, With Free Mobile Internet!

Suneet S Tuli, CEO, Datawind, elaborates on his strategy to win the hearts of the Indian netbook consumers with the Linux version of UbiSurfer.

“The Future Is Bright For Open Source Enthusiasts”

IDC expects worldwide revenue for open source software to rise to $5.8 billion by 2011. Foreseeing the strong promise open source technology holds, Sonata has set up an Open Source Center of Excellence…

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