Sridhar Pandurangiah
Be a Proficient Web 2.0 Developer!

Be a Proficient Web 2.0 Developer!

This article walks readers through the requisites of a good Web developer. For those who wish to make a career as a Web developer, it is a must-read!   Like many scientific concepts,…

45_mail server

Setting Up Your Own Mail Server Can Be Fun!

A typical Web mail application, which would be sufficient for the needs of an individual, is woefully inadequate when it comes to system generated emails. The obvious solution to this issue is to…

Tuning the LAMP Stack to Boost the Performance of Drupal

The previous article in this series dealt with the various external factors that impact the performance of Drupal sites, exploring ways to mitigate them. Now, let’s look at how it’s possible to increase…

How to Improve the Performance of Drupal Sites

A site is only as fast as its last mile connectivity. If users access a site from a slow connection, even a site capable of responding quickly to requests will appear to be…

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