Niraj Sahay

Windows 8 Taps SUSE Linux for its Secure Boot

Windows 8 is among the youngest OS in the industry. It is young and that means it still needs a lot of improvement. One area that the Microsoft OS is focusing on is…

Funny Mythness

About Linux desktops in a business environment and virtual machines… best appreciated by experienced Linux users. There are many myths related to Linux in a business environment. For me, the most pervasive and…

Code Sport

In this month’s column, let us continue our discussion on dynamic languages, focusing on JavaScript. In last month’s column, we explored dynamic languages and how they are translated. While Web 2.0 accelerated the…

SAFENTRIX: It’s Time to Kill e-mail Spam, for Free!

While there are numerous proprietary e-mail security solutions around, how many actually manage to live up to their claims? And who says that customer service and satisfaction never come free? LFY tries its best to search out a solution that addresses these concerns.

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