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Using Python for the Cloud and Big Data Analytics

The classical programming languages are not effective in fetching live streaming data from the Internet. Here’s where versatile programming languages come to the rescue. Read on to understand how Python can be used…

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Secured, De-duplicated Backup Using Python Tools

Critical data on any system can be safeguarded against accidental erasure, corruption, damage, etc, by an efficient backup system. Backup and recovery are integral to any well-managed computer system, be it for personal…

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Codename One: A Cross-Device Platform for Mobile App Development

The proud boast of Codename One developers is, “Write once, run anywhere native mobile apps.” And it works exactly that way. You can use your existing Java skills to target iOS, Android and…

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Network Monitoring and Programming Using Python

Python scripts and APIs can be tailor made into effective network monitoring and forensics tools. Their versatility makes them ideal in assorted applications including cyber security, data mining, Internet of Things, cloud simulation,…

couch python

Interfacing CouchDB with Python

Apache CouchDB is a database that is focused on ease of use. It can be interfaced with the versatile Python programming language, as shown in this tutorial. Apache CouchDB is a popular open…


Deploying Infrastructure-as-a-Service Using OpenStack

Cloud computing is the buzzword today. It has many different models, one of which is IaaS. In this article, the authors describes the delivery of IaaS using open source software OpenStack. Nowadays, cloud…


Make Your Network Secure with PCAP and Snort

PCAP is an application programming interface (API) for capturing network traffic (packets). Snort is a tool for detecting network intrusion. This article explains how they can be used in tandem to analyse network…

Research in Cloud Computing

Research Areas and Simulation in Cloud Computing

This article looks at the backbone technologies in cloud computing, and suggests some areas of research in this field as well as a few resources Cloud computing is one of the emergent domains…


Carry Out Data Mining and Machine Learning with WEKA

WEKA is a collection of visualisaton tools and algorithms for data analysis and predictive modelling. It is very popular among users and developers as can be seen by the large number of downloads….

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